First Painting in 30 Years

Oil Painting of Creek in Maine

So as I mentioned, I have not painted in about 30 years but recently got the urge. I always painted in oils before and so my first in all these years is also in oils. It was frightening to pick up the brushes and stare at that white canvas and, I admit, I procrastinated for awhile before I committed brush to surface. For me, this is a new adventure in learning how to paint again. I’m no longer that 20something, recently graduated girl who majored in painting and sculpture. I’ve changed, and so has what I see when I look at the world through the eyes of a painter. But as I reconnect brush to canvas, that student of the arts stirs; while I find my vision may have changed, I also still retain much of how I once felt when I paint. My paintings will be both similar to my older work.. and different…much as I am similar to that young girl…. and yet… different.

Join me as I grow, experiment, learn and explore….

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