New Abstract Work

My New Abstract Work

This year I’ve been trying my hand at some new abstract work. Here are all of my new abstract works. While my painting has had abstract elements since always… I’ve rarely  painted, purely abstract works. I’m really enjoying doing so at this time, And plan to pursue abstract  painting for a while period.

This one is called “accidental bridge”. I forget the size, but I’ll put it in later. It’s quite large. I think it’s 30 inches high. I use the combination of modeling compound, acrylic, paint, as well as inks and collage. There’s a layer of tinfoil on top of the canvas that has an interesting texture that I kind of like.

This one is quite large, 40“ x 30“. I call it unknown origin which seems kind of mysterious and I like it. This is also acrylic with acrylic, inks and other Mark materials. As well as collage,

The title of this one is “untitled”, it’s a small 12 x 12 on Birch board panel.

This one is called “fishing a teacup”. It is acrylic, Mark making material. I can’t remember if I used collage but I don’t think so. I believe this one is 24 x 24. Quite abstract.

These are my new abstract works for 2023. I’m fairly happy with them and making  progress in my quest to create abstract paintings. Hope you like them. Oh