I’ve been creating kiln fired glass work for about 22 years now. I create jewelry, accessories, dishes and glass art piece. My studies (long ago) were in painting and sculpture, and I’ve found myself yearning to create more one of a kind pieces. Last year I decided to focus more on creating art and marketing it seperately from my other work and this required me to approach new venues. With that goal in mind I also decided to create a new site dedicated to my art vs. my jewelry etc….

In late 2015 I joined the Bangor Art Society and entered my glass art pieces in a few exhibits and an auction. Hanging around these fine people somehow lit the desire to paint again. I haven’t painted in about 30 years but here I go again!

This  year, 2016, I hope to participate in more fine art exhibits and even do a show or two with my glass art pieces and my oil & acrylic paintings.

This site is a natural extension of this new direction….. I hope you will enjoy it..

~Love and Light, Nancy

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