So as an artist we have to harden ourselves to rejection. Rejection from galleries, from shows, from harsh words given by strangers.. it’s just a part of the world we choose to live in. Here’s the thing – every great artist suffered rejection from someone or some group.  The fauvists, which literally  means Wild Beasts, were rejected by the established artists.  Only yesterday my painting was rejected from a gallery in which I show my glass art and jewelry. It’s a cooperative gallery so normally one would think they would embrace new work by a member. But one would be wrong.

I was also rejected by another coop gallery today. They were very nice but felt my work was too similar to the work of another member. Here’s the thing – be nice, be graceful because you never know when there will be another opportunity there.

Was I angry? Was I hurt? Was I disappointed? Oh sure. We all have egos which bruise easily. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years so I’m no stranger to rejection. The thing to remember is rejection is just the opinion of others and sometimes that opinion has absolutely nothing to do with you.  They have too many painters, potters, jewelers.. w/e… they are predisposed to realism and  don’t like abstract art….there can be a million reasons you don’t get ‘in’ that have nothing to do with your work or yourself.  The important thing is to have faith in your own work because somewhere out there you have an audience that will love what you create. Do not give up. Do not listen to the nay sayers. Try to find the lesson in the rejection; maybe you  need better frames (although that’s a pretty shitty reason to reject the actual art), maybe you need to refine something.. w/e try to learn something. Create and carry on.  You will find your way. I know I will not give up painting and I will not give up trying to get it shown. Somewhere someone will love it. The more you get rejected the more you’ve tried! Keep trying!! Eventually you will find your home!

So stay strong people! Have faith in your own creations! I believe in you!