What a whirlwind!

round koi pond glass paintng

Tis the season in Maine where artists and craftspersons are run ragged. Time to set up all the artisan cooperatives, set up shows at galleries and begin doing outdoor shows. All that work to create and send out into the world in hopes of it finding new homes and bringing in income that we have not had over the winter months. For me, personally, the last few months have been crazy!! I’ve joined a number of new arts organizations, each of which has shows I needed to create work for and deliver. Then I’ve been central to setting up a new artisan cooperative in Belfast, Maine and that takes a lot of work.. finding artists to commit to participate, getting the space ready, having artists bring in stock, setting up the gallery, sending out press releases.. you name it! We had our grand opening last Friday and it was great!  I’ve had to set up my  own work in 7 galleries!

In addition, I’ve painted door for a Habitat for Humanity auction, created a new line of enamel & glass paintings and tried to do some glass casting with limited success.. ok total failure….

Now all the galleries are up and running, stocked and open! It’s time to work in most of them… this week I’ll work 2 days in Belfast, do a farmers market on Thursday, go to an opening in Rockland on Friday… I can’t look past that! And in all this I’m trying to get my garden/farm planted, weeded and ready to go for the season!! Oh, and make more stock for all those places!!! I figure I can rest… in November…..